We are Marisol and Blue

My name is Marisol Torres, my passions are literature and travel.

I’m on the border of the 60s, and I have to apoligize for that, as my english level is that of a girl of 6.

I love contact with nature, books, poetry, and I run a bookstore-Gastrobar, El Dinosaurio, in the multicultural center of Madrid, Lavapiés.

Maybe because I was born in a remote green valley and spent my childhood collecting butterflies and sharpening the aim with the slingshot, now that I will fall the 60 years, I decided to start trying to unite my two passions: travel and literature.

I would lie if I said to be a backpacker grandmother because I still have no grandchildren and backpacks punish my back, but the spirit of free traveler defines me, I love driving and I have always preferred to live dreams rather than dream the life I wanted.

As I think living is sharing, start this new adventure with the intention of sharing poetry, experiences, photos, perhaps some recipe for cooking, but above all I will tell you not only what I do, but also what I feel, taste, listen and love.

Always with my inseparable yorkshire Blue.

More About Me

Photo by Daniel, my son

Photo by Javier Jimeno

I’m Blue, a 5-year-old Yorkshire living in Lavapiés (Madrid)

I love the car, I have to confess, as well as I hate the bike, the subway, the bus and the airplanes, the car seems to me the best of human inventions. Why do I love the car? Because car is freedom for me, run where I like, smell everything, breathe very clean air, wet the tummy in clear waters, chasing frogs, sniffing for traces of birds, reptiles and those thousand surprises that the forest keeps for someone like me, someone with a sense of smell five hundred times more powerful than my human mommy.

And what do I do here? Bacause I’m the faithful squire of my Mommy, and takes me through the world… and let me tell you my own stories.

Now he’s bent on taking me to Alaska this summer  (We will leave from Calgary in Canada, pass through the Rockies, the Yukon, the Great North, the Top of the world Highway and from there to Alaska), so I created an Instagram and Google account… A Yorkie in Alaska, that’s me.

Did I tell you I love to run?

Here you can download, for free, my “GUIDE HOW TO WRITING YOUR FIRST POEM”

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