!We are in Canada, the adventure begins!

After the first eight hours of flight, Madrid-Montreal, in which my dear Blue has slept like a happy puppy and thanks to the wonderful treatment of the Transaat hostesses, who have left us three seats for ourselves, a luxury.

We have finally set foot in Montreal, or rather at the Montreal airport.

And on the street! to smoke a cigarette (me) and do a few first steps in Canada (Blue).

Stroll through the international airport area, a non-stop taxi, buses, Uber, people who come and go on this warm afternoon in San Juan, a delight of temperature when you come from the steamy Madrid.

After a couple of hours of waiting, flight to Calgary, this time shorter.

At no time, no one, at any customs, or boarding gate, has asked me for Blue’s documents, so after passing the customs office of entry already in Montreal, we have left the flight in Calgary ready to hug (me) and lick ( Blue) to my dear son, Daniel, who was waiting for us excitedly.

HOW TO TRAVEL WITH DOG BY PLANE … without despair.

The last days of preparations for this adventure have been long, complicated, overwhelming … Much more because, just a week before boarding, the airline tells me that I cannot travel with Blue, and that I bought the ticket with a company that admits dogs in the cabin, or at least that is what it states on its page? ¿????

That an airline does not admit dogs in the cabin may seem good or bad, it is your decision, but if your page and its condition indicate yes, then you cannot refuse. But they do!

My dog, Blue, weighs less than 8 Kg, has his regulatory travel bag, his passport, his updated vaccination card, including his Visa Health Certificate, specific for Canada and USA, by the Ministry of Agriculture, I have requested the Blue ticket with time and its condition as specified, yet, They can deny you the flight.

!Absolute despair! Without Blue I would not be able to undertake this adventure.

After many calls,the reservation for Blue can only be made by phone to a number in Canada, several failed attempts and a phone bill to cry, I decide to ask my son, who lives in Calgary, to take care of talking with The airline.

After arguing and discussing and against arguing, they offer us a single solution: Emotional Support Dog.

That is, an emotional support animal for me, because of my inability to travel without him. So I’m looking for a psychiatrist, assesses me the inability to undertake this adventure without Blue and gives me a certificate in Spanish and English (after paying a high fee).

A “magic key” that gives me, in just five minutes, a ticket to Blue. Finally!


And now we have to convert the Van in a house!

We have one week, only one week, to turn the van into my mobile home for these two months. You have to install the floor, solar panels that will power the battery for the refrigerator, the fan and the plugs for the laptop, assemble the bed, kitchen furniture, the laundry battery … there are a thousand things to do.

I take the mornings for, with the invaluable help of the mobile GPS, with the application “maps.me” that works without internet connection and does not need data, to tour Calgary from store to store looking for everything we need. Afternoons, when Daniel arrives, to work hard to install everything.

The placement of floor takes two days: first the thermal and acoustic insulation, then a protective rubber, then wooden planks and finally a beautiful wooden frieze floor that already gives us the appearance of a house. Lovely!

The days are soooo long that until 11 at night it is day, so we finish marathon days absolutely tired. The Van is going on

We installed, with the help of Rauth, companion and friend of my son Daniel, the solar panels, the converter, the auxiliary battery … and the music equipment of the van, something essential to accompany me in these two months of loneliness.

While the boys, Daniel and Rauth, install the bed and the kitchen furniture, I dedicate myself to preparing curtains and covering the meetings of the wood of ceiling and walls with a fabric of colors and flowers, it is the only thing that I have found in Ikea fabrics in Calgary. There is a very cozy space, very feminine. I will feel very comfortable here.

We need the fridge, finish the chest next to the bed and place the stickers on the outside of the van.

A quasi-clock race is June 30 and we are not done yet. A nightmare!

Dawn on a beautiful Sunday, June 30, a bright summer day with 27 degrees! So far from the 38 that my people in Madrid are suffering!

The van is almost a small home We have to put the stickers, purchase food and small things, place a little everything and we will be ready to start this adventure.

Sticking the travellingpoems stickers and baptize the van is the only thing we have left!

… and fill the gas tank, get some money, write down all the tricks and possible problems of the electrical panel of the power system and meet Daniel’s whim: the van is 99,985 kilometers, and Daniel wants to do 100,000, so that we take advantage of for all those little details that we lack.

It’s almost 9 pm when we return home, already in the hundred thousand, I say goodbye to Daniel and in a symbolic act of handing over the keys! The adventure begins!

To travel Canada!

!Si, quiero la Guía!

Responsable Marisol Torres.

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Responsable Marisol Torres.

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