Why this title?

We little ones have power in front of big ones.

A handful of ants in front of a green worm…

A Yorkie in front of a female stalker.

Small? Yes, but brave.

It makes a beautiful winter sun day, and although chilly, we headed towards the Sierra de Madrid.

La Pedriza, which is named for the enormity of granite boulders, is one of mommy’s favorite places to walk, sit down by the river and think about her things.

I like a lot of running around, the river and meadows are full of bugs, smells, clues. Running over the huge stones, defying gravity, is one of my passions.

A swim of sand?

We had walked a while following the course of the river upwards, a river that this time was soft and tame, with little current, but with very cold water. That’s not too much of a problem for me to get in a bit, freshen up and take the smell of river, clear water and comfortable.

Of course I then filled with mud and dry on the sand beds… To Mommy’s chagrin, she scolds me.

A few ants and a green worm

We had stopped to rest awhile on a huge stone on the river and take the sandwich (do not think well, I’m on a diet because they say I’m fat, I? Fat?), good thing that Mommy gave me two bits of loin of hers. And there I was, on a stone and attentive to the generosity of mommy, when I see a green worm crawling, so curious in that worms move, now I support the head, arch the body, I spread a bit, I advance the legs of the tail , and again I support the head…

A so strange way of walking, that I kept looking at him. I’m not too interested in worms, there’s no way to run them, they’re boring.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, little black ants begin to appear and surround the worm. !They’re having a party, I thought! Not really I realize that the ants begin to peck at the worm, everywhere, the poor is stirred and tries to advance faster in his crazy walk, but the ants get up on him, they move on his spine while they continue biting, follow him , they bite him, they hurt him.

And I, a little scared, start barking. Mommy then realizes what’s going on in our stone, and tells me it’s none of my business, not to do anything, still Blue!, while she also observes how the ants go corralling the worm that progresses slower and faster! He is so tired!

After a few minutes the worm stops moving, and that is when the ants, in an organized way (no idea how they are organized so beautifully) begin to transport the worm stone down.

I don’t know anything about calculus or math, but it seems to me that every ant is dragging more than five times its weight. ! Amazing!

In a few minutes the worm, dragged by the ants, arrives at the gates of the Anthill. Then they start to go out, as if they had called them, a lot of ants, and among all they are introducing the body of the worm in the tiny entrance hole to the Anthill.

The worm, so large, has been defeated by a few ants.

It’s the triumph of the little ones, Blue, says Mommy, like the story of David and Goliath. I don’t know who those two are, but I like the triumph of the little ones.

And I’m really sorry for the worm that’s gone to the Ants ‘ winter pantry.

! I’m already emboldened with the triumph of the little ones!

I’m small and brave. I have to defend mommy, so I walk and run around her, I always know where she is and I can smell the problems at a distance. If the worms were smarter, they’d take some kind of Yorkie dog with them.

A couple of hours later, already in the vicinity of La Charca Verde, we stop for a while to rest and see how the river precipitates in waterfalls.

It is a place with huge rocks and from where you can see the river and you hear the raging sound of the water falling through the pools and the cliffs. It’s one of the places that mommy likes most, she sits there to watch the evening fall while she reads a little. She doesn’t have my sense of smell, and nowhere near the danger.

I was lying down under the sun while Mommy was reading. Suddenly I noticed a smell like “macho”, and I went out to investigate: a human was spying on mommy behind some bushes. I know that before I existed, when I sat down to read or write a while I always had “eyes in the back of the neck” to be aware of whether someone came to him with bad intentions. I don’t know if you’ve lived, but there’s a lot of stalkers behind a lonely woman

! and Mummy is almost sixty years old, you can imagine if the woman is young!

So I ran behind the stalker, barking as high as my lungs allow me. Mommy got up worried about my barking to find a damn half-naked stalker in the bushes.

! Get him, Blue!, he yelled at me.

The guy ran out, half holding his pants by the knee and jumping from rock to rock until he disappeared between the stones.

I, if Mummy had wanted it, would have left a memory of my teeth in his calves, but she told me to leave him go.

And then he congratulated me and gave me some water, which I had remained dry from so much bark.

Always on the lookout for mommy, I’m her little squire.

You know what mommy writes about me?

Well, read, because for me it’s a pride:

Then came Blue, my Yorkshire, and changed the way I used to go down the mountain: I am no longer inclined to any noise, a strange moving branch, a strange shadow among the thickets. Now my eyes and my ears are Blue.

He’s a small dog, he can’t kill anyone, but he’s my keeper. If a family comes to me, a couple, barks soft and runs out to say “hello”, if anyone approaches is a man or a group of men, his bark is dangerous. He runs around and draws a circle with his careers, leaving me at the center.

To you men, this gesture may seem foolish to me, it means a lot.

I can sit back and read without having eyes on the head, and I do not need to carry a cane to protect me from all those who believe that being a woman are at your disposal, and return from my walk when I want, not because an imbecile has decided to harass me.

We came home happy after a day of sunshine and nature and knowing that small, when we have to be, we are giants.

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