My beautiful LAVAPIÉS

My beautiful LAVAPIÉS

My beautiful Lavapiés, a multicultural place where you can find people coming from anywhere in the world, where more than 80 nationalities coexist in harmony.

It’s a neighborhood where music, painting, theater and street life make you feel like you’re in a place full of life.

Perhaps the TimeOut magazine, when it has defined us as “the coolest neighborhood in the world,” is not wrong.


Tirso de Molina / Plaza de las Flores

Plaza de Tirso de Molina is our “Plaza de las Flores”, full of beautiful and fragrant flower and plant shops at a more than reasonable price, sown amid the ever-cooler dining terraces and where a couple of luxury hotels have just been installed.

But the square is also a place of encounter, of solidarity. If you spend the afternoon at the last minute, you will see a large group of people, Spaniards, immigrants, young and old, waiting for the food of the day that offers an altruistic and full of love, an association, Solidarity House.

The theatre district

Here are also most of the theaters in Madrid, both theaters of cutting more classical, as all the small theatres of alternative theater where is innovated, is played, are tested new formats and where you can see the best works of improvisation.

Not to mention this great classic, the National Film Library and the Doré cinema.


What do you need?


Because we have almost everything…


Restaurants of all nationalities… they’re here.

The best tattoo artists in Madrid… are here

The best rooms, shops and flamenco classes… are here

The artisans of the music, the bookbinding, the reproduction, the painting, the sculpture and the Graffitti… are here

The most interesting bookstores… are here

Cultural associations, charities, pro-human rights, LGTBI… are here

The spaces of literature and gastronomy… they’re here.

and also the knitters the spider, which every year in November, cover all the bollards of the Lavapiés street with its fantastic creations.


Picture from the Spider knitters

Lavapies is the neighborhood of Gloria Fuertes

“I was born for nothing or soldier”

Gloria Fuertes, a woman committed to social struggle, with feminism, a huge poet.

Gloria knew how to convey to the children the love of poetry as no one had ever done.

The children of this country have grown up with their verses, their riddles, their rhyming games and that voice like a gale.

I will always remember her for that short poem of the whale:

Has supplier
Over the head,
And after swimming
He showered skillfully.

A child with a book of poetry

in the hands , you will never have more

  a weapon between them.

Gloria Fuertes

The sea ends in the sea
on its roof of waves,
that are shaped like roof  tiles
and shape of snails.

Gloria Fuertes

From the book “Aconsejo beber hilo”

I confess

It is sad, and because it is sad, I confess;
Here I am and I am shouting,
Diving, better, in the fog;
Choking me voice among the poplars.
Earning the sweat with this bread,
Earning life with your hands,
Earning the pain with pleasure,
Earning envy with the psalm.
Earning death with life,
I’m getting everything without crying,
That I’m the strong woman who dresses
And meditate looking at the calendar.
It’s sad, and because it’s sad, I confess,
It’s hard to beat, however,
Try to kiss the enemy
You’ll see that light comes out of your side.

From the book “Obras incompletas”

I was born for poet or for dead

I was born for poet or for dead,
I chose the difficult
— Superalive of all shipwrecks —
And I continue with my verses,
Alive and kicking.

I was born to whore or clown,
I chose the difficult
— Make the evicted customers laugh —
And I keep on with my tricks,
Pulling a pigeon out of the bundle.

I was born for nothing or soldier,
And I chose the difficult
— not just anything on the board —
And I’m still between guns and pistols
Without staining my hands.

From the book “Poeta de guardia”

In the forests of PENNSYLVANIA

When a giant tree commits suicide,

Tired of being already dry and not giving birds,

Without waiting for the man to tale him,

Without waiting for the wind,

Launches his last music without leaves

— Symphony explosion where there were nests —

They creak all their wooden hollows,

Two drops of sap are still falling

When his stalk bursts through the air,

They roll their tons down the mountain,

The wolves weep and the deer tremble,

They go to meet them all squirrels,

Sensing that it’s some beauty that dies.

Glory is and will always be our poet on duty

Another night, what a bore!……
And nobody rings or burns or freezes or calls,
On this night in which, as in almost all,
I’m a poet on duty.

When is that promised PLAZA DE GLORIA FUERTES en Lavapiés?

In February 2017, the Central district plenary of Madrid City Council unanimously approved to dedicate a square in Lavapiés to Gloria Fuertes when celebrating the centenary of the birth of the author.

On February 2018 we still don’t have that promised place. When?

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