The Valle Del Jerte in bloom is one of the most beautiful landscapes to discover when the spring begins to awaken.

Two million cherry blossoms of immaculate white, planted on terraces in this narrow valley, give you a deep, scented silence of flowers.

Lying under this canopy of white against the blue infinity you feel that you are part of this planet.

It Is one of those places that you will take a swelling heart of white and a quiet happiness, where you leave only your smile and the footprint of your feet.



The Spanish Sakura

Cherry blossoms, Sakura桜 in Japanese, have an important meaning. This is related to part of the samurai code in Japan. What’s more, the emblem of the Samurai warriors was the cherry blossom. The aspiration of a samurai was to die in his moment of maximum splendor, in battle, and not to age and “wilt”, nor wilt the cherry blossom, which falls from the tree pushed by the wind.

The Importance of Sakura dates back centuries, when the flowering of these trees marked the beginning of spring and, therefore, warned of the ideal time to plant rice, crucial food for the first inhabitants of This country.

During This period, the cherry trees were seen as sacred beings and it was believed that the souls of the mountain gods nested within them.

For this reason, the farmers worshipped these trees and believed that, when the Sakura ‘s Flowers were at its peak, it was when the gods descended to the villages and became rice paddies to help the rice production.

As good lovers of beauty, we celebrate our particular Hanami花見, which literally translates to “looking at flowers.”

Do you know where to enjoy this blossom in Japan? Look here

And If you are not in Japan, or you are far away, here you have the best places in the world to see the cherry blossoms, surely some of you are close.

Our hanami: Mixed

Under The flower canopy of the cherry trees, sitting with friends to have a wine, a little cheese and some olives, has been our wonderful Hanami this year.

And at nightfall, on the edge of the river Jerte, while the cherry blossoms were contemplating us from the other side of the river, our Hanami 花見has continued with a paella over fire next to the transparent and magical waters of this river.


Until you master good video tools, here I leave a very “homemade” Jerte Valley in bloom.

View of the valley through the white of the flowers, isn’t it to fall in love?

Extremadura is the birthplace of Inma Chacón

This Valley is the best place to read his poems to those who love that wonder of cherry blossoms, as she writes:

“… A ritual that begins tenaciously every March. “


If we should look mirrors
where quenching thirst and drought

what would the water be like?

And the value,
If the shield reflex was enough
to overcome fear?

What would be the crying
If we could bleed
In the veins of the others.

And dreams
If we were not
The ones that close our the eyelids.

What would be the skinless hug
And the rain without splashes.
Brightness without crystal
of transparency, without the other side.

What would Sisyphus without stone behind his back?

From the black, from the shadow.
of truth,
of the day,
of the silk rubbing.

What would the myth
without us?

If you want to know more about her here you have her personal page

Some poems by Inma Chacón


(Nine of Cups)

Not even the smell of your clothes

has managed to stay

In the closet.

Anything about you

they already preserve these walls

where you hung my pictures,

this vacuum

that will order other hands

at his leisure.

Neither you nor I

We belong already

to this place

that looked so ours.

Nightmares and dreams

they left the house

with us.

Only the garden

vaguely remembers

what we were,

Our garden

and its perennial trees.



… A ritual that begins tenaciously every March

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