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My name is Marisol Torres and I am about to meet the 60, (although my English level is that of a girl of 6) that age so great to do what you always dreamed.

I was born in 1959 in Navaltoril, a small village at the Gévalo valley, a green valley in the mountains of Toledo (Spain), a place that still retains my memory of happy girl jumping in the puddles, looking for butterflies, collecting blackberries and playing indiscriminately to shoot with the slingshot and make food to my dolls.

My grandmother, Albina, taught me to read from a very small and managed to convey her passion for books and plants. From his hand I learned to identify most of the varieties of plants and trees. In the front of the firewood, those long winter evenings, listening to my grandmother and my father telling fantastic and wonderful narrations, my hobby was born to write, to tell stories.


This is my little village

At the age of ten I abandoned my quasi-wild girl status, took me to a nun boarding school, one of those schools where they “educated” young ladies. Quite an experience.

Then I came to live in Madrid and here I got adolescence, that stage so intense and wonderful that I lived between the gang, the guitars, the first loves, the songs of Janis Joplin, the eternal evenings between the triwales as she sounded Pink Floyd, Dylan, always Bob Dylan, and the anti-Franco movement in my neighborhood, Carabanchel. In those years I learned a bit of the concept of secrecy and a lot of solidarity, friendship and teamwork.

I should have studied journalism, but after being admitted to the faculties of Journalism and Law, tail came out, and I studied law. Life led me to logistics, and I worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry.


In the meantime I had two sons, Dario and Daniel, the best of my life.

A civilized and friendly divorce put me on another path, and I began to devote time to what I always wanted to do: start writing. Starting from scratch is not easy at all, so I went back to school to learn. I spent four years in several writing workshops and learned a few tricks.

Five years ago a little Yorkshire came into my life: Blue, my faithful Squire and adventure Companion.


In 2010 the economic crisis touched me full, a record of regulation of employment left me in the dole, to discover with bitterness that with more than 50 years nobody hires you. If women are already quasi-transparent past 50, in the misogynist world of work, especially in the logistics sector, a woman of 51 years does not even exist.

After a sabbatical year and taking advantage of it to write my first novel, I threw myself into a crazy idea: Create a bookstore-Gastrobar. Along with Dario, my eldest son and chef, we rode EL DINOSAURIO TODAVÍA ESTABA ALLÍ in the old center of Madrid.

In the short time I have left, I travel, live, read and write.


I have published:

Essay: AYAHUASCA, the Inner Journey (Edit. Point of view, 2018)

Novel: Pointing a shipwreck (Huerga & Fierro 2017)

Short stories: Cabotaje (Edit. Baile del Sol 2015)

Novel: The coma years (Edit. Canalla, 2013)


And I have collaborated with stories and poems in:

“The Disciples of GEA II” (Edit. Inventa editors 2018)

“Love is written without blood II” (DTIs. Lastura 2018)

“We take Refuge” (DTIs. Lastura 2016)

“The Awakened Flesh” (Gens Editions 2013)

“Natural POEMÁTICAS” (Editions Entricíclopes 2013)

“44 Worlds at A Time” (Editorial Adeshoras 2013)

“The petition” (Editorial Amargord 2012),

“Life is a BAR” (Editorial Amargord 2011),

“Knife In the Skin” (AOLDE 2010)

These are my solo books

These are the books I have participated in

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