Is anyone really that wild enough to tie a frog?

A “tied” frog unleashes the fury of a lady walking near the river.

Spring is here, with its little sunshine and downpours. The true, I like that the mountain smells of rain, but I do not like to get wet, so I go hiding where I can to protect me from the rain.

That day first it was sunny, then it rained a little and again the sun came out. We were in La Pedriza and mommy wanted to try a mat that was just bought, while I was chasing the smells of squirrels who mocked me from the trees.

Suddenly there are cries; a very, very angry lady, screams near us.

She goes with a gentleman, also older, and they scream right across the river. I do not have a very broad vocabulary, but I know how to distinguish words like “savage”, “denounce”, “intolerable”… They scream and shout! ” Do something, man! ” !” Poor Frog! ” and stuff like that.

Mummy, quietly lying down reading on her newly-released air bed, hears a little screaming and goes on with her book.

Relax, Blue, I’m told, they look a little hysterical.

But they scream and scream, I bark and bark, and finally mommy gets up and we cross the bridge across the river.


When we get to the other side, in a tiny pond, there are… A frog tied up.

That’s what the lady insists on screaming.

We approach to discover that it is not a frog, there are two, and they are mating.

The male, tiny (but brave) is on the female, and she is releasing a chain of eggs that the male is fertilizing on the fly.

Teamwork is called that.

But of course, if you don’t know what’s going on, and you don’t even see your feet, you might think the frog is tied.


Mommy tells the lady to please stop screaming and disturb the peace of those two frogs that are just reproducing.

The lady does not like mommy to take the opposite, and continues to shout that is a brutality, that is to denounce it, who will have been the thug… There’s no way she understands what she’s got before his eyes.

With all that scandal we have alerted the few walkers, and at the moment come some mountaineers, who ask what happens… While the lady continues with her cries.


The mountaineers burst into laughter, mommy joins them, and I think they could be heard in Timbuktu. I scamper happy.

The couple walk away, very dignified, talking among them of how little respectful young people are.

Mommy and the mountaineers are still laughing and I’m happy with new friends who pamper me.

And I also give some races between these flowers so beautiful.

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TEJERA NEGRA beech forest

(for humans to locate on the map)


I’m Blue, a 5-year-old Yorkshire living in Lavapiés (Madrid)

And what do I do here? Because I am the faithful squire of my Mommy, and she takes me through the world… and let me tell you my stories.

I live in Lavapies, that Madrid neighborhood so modern and multicultural and so scarce of trees, meadows and places to run.

I love the car, I have to confess, as well as I hate the bike, the subway, the bus and the airplanes, the car seems to me the best of human inventions. Why do I love the car? For me the car means freedom, run where I like, smell everything, breathe very clean air, wet the tummy in clear waters, chasing frogs, sniffing for traces of birds, reptiles and those thousand surprises that the forest keeps for someone like me, someone with a sense of smell five hundred times more powerful than my human mommy.

I always know it’s Monday and it’s time to go to the mountain, and I look forward to mum’s calling, “Blue, we’re going to the mountain” and my heart speed up. We left the house, with some pees, of course, and we got to the car. Mom and I alone, almost always, we travel with good music and after a nap the car slows down and the curves begin. There I wake up completely and I walk through the window to smell.

The day of the lizard’s prairies the journey take a little longer.

That day, in addition, came a friend of mommy and I had to travel in the back seat, fortunatelly  when they started the bends she took me in her arms and I could look good to smell everything.

And at last, after a long time, we arrived. Mommy put the leash on me because It seems that it is forbidden for us, the puppies, to run free. Humans are weird, they should wear a leash sometime to know what it feels like.

Running around the meadow by the river, with the leash on, that was a feast of smells: frogs, grasshoppers, small mice… but I could not run after them, and they are ready and escaped me.

Mushrooms like butterflies

Mommy should have been very sorry and as there were no more humans than us, she let me go free.

! The party begins! Smells of animals I don’t even know, although some I found them in the memory of my genes; mushrooms, countless mushrooms with those colors like butterflies ready for dancing, textures, and a small and transparent stream where to look…

The wind, when it blows over the water, seems to refresh the smells, you stop for a moment and the nose begins to perceive.  That oak that is already rotten and shelters thousands of insects, the olfactory traces of the unmistakable passage of a herd of deer, the persistent smell of the fox’s pee, the birds that look at me from the trees of the riverbank, even some burrow of snakes (in that case I hold, I am afraid of snakes, much).

We were all three on a path, following the course of the river, and with that strange day of autumn sun, intense and unexpected heat, even the lizards perched on the stones of the river to sunbathe, the poor soon they will have to hide in their burrows and they were taking advantage of that little gift of the sun.

I do not want to eat the lizards, I really like the food that gives me mommy and taught me not to eat anything she does not give me, but the lizards do not know, poor, and as I approached them they ran out to hide. Just the game that I like the most! Play Chasing! Well, they do not chase me, but I think they understand that I’m harmless and they run off and a few stones are waiting for me.

A whole party… But of course, Mommy and her friend are not so enthusiastic about running behind lizards, so after sitting for a while letting me play, they whistled me to get me back on the “good road”. ´

Spider web or an impossible toy

We found something very, very weird: a spider’s web full of droplets of dew. Upsetting, on the one hand the smell of spiders and mosquitoes, but above, as if for dessert, a smell of beech rain.

They did not let me in to sniff, I could break the spider’s work for a long time and that’s “cruel”, they told me.

The beech forests I like very much, those trees with the bark so smooth, almost white in color, are ideal to rub against them and leave my signature printed. In autumn they fall leaves in a mosaic of yellows, oranges and reds, weave a carpet of leaves on which running is a delight, raising wonderful smells that remind me of those times when we ran wild in the woods.

I love rolling around in the leaves, taking the scent of beeches to my body, and then enjoying it in the city.

Mami and her friend are always talking, those things that humans do, while I run and watch so that nothing happens to them, that I know they do not know the forest like me.

While they were talking I noticed a smell that I know very well: boars. And with them the game of chasing does not work, they run out as soon as they smell me, although they smell less than me. So I stood on the road as if to say: see, are you going to run or what? And the mother boar and the two children that accompanied her ran past us. Mami and her friend were so happy and took out the phones to take a picture, but of course, the boars are faster, and were lost in the forest.

Mami and her friend congratulated me and gave me a piece of ham as a reward, which is my favorite candy.

Three deer running

So the rest of the ride I was aware of the boars, but we did not find more and when we had almost reached the car, wham! three deer scampering through my meadow. I only barked a couple of times, I know Mom always looks when I bark, and they got so happy, but they did not give me ham, they had already eaten everything.

And back to the car, this time to house, that after such a long and intense day, I also like it.

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Lagoons of the RASO and the CAMPILLO

(for humans to locate it on the map)


It’s Monday, it’s sunny and we’re not going up in the snow mountains because it’s so cold.

We had a weird experience last week and do not want to repeat it, but I tell you another day this story, because today I have to talk about something that became me resentful.

The place we went to is very close to Madrid! Barely half an hour car! I was making “siesta” so rich at the sun in the front seat while mommy whistled a beautiful song.

Ducks, cranes and storks in the river

On Mondays people are working so much. It seems that humans work a lot (sorry, I can not explain what it is to work, I do not handle the concept very well) on Mondays in those horrible buildings, so Mondays are not in the field, so I can go without a leash.

! The party begins! Right on the edge of the river I hear a few flutters and a rush to touch the water, and I run out to see how a flock of ducks just landed on the water. It is a deep water and has a lot of current, there I do not enter. I run along the edge of the water and smell the feathers hollow and the smell of duck fills my nose.

A little higher up in the river, in the middle of a sandy bench, there are two storks looking for food, fish or newborn frogs to take to the nests, I think.

And in the distance, a “Mrs. Crane.” I like cranes, they are like elegant madams, of those that lead to dogs with ornaments and ribbons and belts of design.

While mommy walks thinking about anything, or sits a while to read or write in her notebook, I run around her, I come and go because I am much faster than her, but I always know where she is and I’m always aware that nothing happens to her. Humans are a little dumb and do not realize that they are approaching a snake, or a guy with bad intentions, but I do.

! Unless a rabbit appears on the scene! The rabbit, as knowing that I am city guy, peeks near me, looks at me and provokes me.

It causes me to run, which is just fun!

They play in known area, I chase them for a while and suddenly they hide in those burrows they have on the ground and there is no way. It seems to me, in addition, that they have communicated them, several entrances, several exits … I remain still waiting looking at the hole in the ground … Nothing, there is no rabbit, and suddenly I perceive again the smell on my back.




Image: Emilio Amade

! The damn rabbits always beat me!

They play on their land, they have burrows that connect underground, and also… They always catch me tired.

! It’s a crowd! Sometimes I find it hard to focus, its smell, although very very similar, has some slight differences, so I always know who I’m chasing. But nothing, they hide in their burrows.

I think they should make some large parties when neither humans nor dogs are around, don’t you?


! Look at the remains of a stay and tell me if it’s not a hundred thousand!

! You’re fat Blue!

Yes, that’s how bad it sounds: Blue you’re fat.

He told Mummy the vet, the last time we were there because I hooked a fingernail trying to climb an oak tree chasing Dario’s cat. He is fat and has to lose weight, so I have reduced the food and besides the new one is awful.

It is true that I am a bit like Adolfito, my tummy is skinny, my arms chubby… And, for more humiliation, sometimes they call me “Adolfito” while the say “Adolfito you’re too fat”.

To compensate my disgust, Mommy took me to the edge of the Campillo lake

To see, already totally frustrated, that the ducks do not even pay attention to me.

they swim and swim, and I on the shore no matter how much I bark, they do not flinch.


Do they know I’m small and city dog?

With this beautiful color we end the day.


Mommy happy and I… anyway,! Because the rabbits caught me tired!

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