Is anyone really that wild enough to tie a frog?

A “tied” frog unleashes the fury of a lady walking near the river.

Spring is here, with its little sunshine and downpours. The true, I like that the mountain smells of rain, but I do not like to get wet, so I go hiding where I can to protect me from the rain.

That day first it was sunny, then it rained a little and again the sun came out. We were in La Pedriza and mommy wanted to try a mat that was just bought, while I was chasing the smells of squirrels who mocked me from the trees.

Suddenly there are cries; a very, very angry lady, screams near us.

She goes with a gentleman, also older, and they scream right across the river. I do not have a very broad vocabulary, but I know how to distinguish words like “savage”, “denounce”, “intolerable”… They scream and shout! ” Do something, man! ” !” Poor Frog! ” and stuff like that.

Mummy, quietly lying down reading on her newly-released air bed, hears a little screaming and goes on with her book.

Relax, Blue, I’m told, they look a little hysterical.

But they scream and scream, I bark and bark, and finally mommy gets up and we cross the bridge across the river.


When we get to the other side, in a tiny pond, there are… A frog tied up.

That’s what the lady insists on screaming.

We approach to discover that it is not a frog, there are two, and they are mating.

The male, tiny (but brave) is on the female, and she is releasing a chain of eggs that the male is fertilizing on the fly.

Teamwork is called that.

But of course, if you don’t know what’s going on, and you don’t even see your feet, you might think the frog is tied.


Mommy tells the lady to please stop screaming and disturb the peace of those two frogs that are just reproducing.

The lady does not like mommy to take the opposite, and continues to shout that is a brutality, that is to denounce it, who will have been the thug… There’s no way she understands what she’s got before his eyes.

With all that scandal we have alerted the few walkers, and at the moment come some mountaineers, who ask what happens… While the lady continues with her cries.


The mountaineers burst into laughter, mommy joins them, and I think they could be heard in Timbuktu. I scamper happy.

The couple walk away, very dignified, talking among them of how little respectful young people are.

Mommy and the mountaineers are still laughing and I’m happy with new friends who pamper me.

And I also give some races between these flowers so beautiful.

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